Health coaching (including sleep coaching)

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As a general practitioner and qualified doctor, Dr. Hana Patel provides a holistic, therapeutic and ‘family’ approach to the sensitive and emotional journey through assisted conception techniques and fertility treatment. IVF is an expensive process, not just financially but also emotionally and can affect couples' relationships. Although she has personal experience of this, Dr. Hana Patel has the medical expertise as a published medical doctor and additional coaching qualifications to specifically assist couples all over the world. Whether it is to navigate through complex medical jargon, helping to understand procedures and test results or support couples psychologically and emotionally during this journey, Dr. Hana Patel is a specialist fertility coach that has helped many couples over the years and also consults through the specialised Women’s Health Clinic in Dulwich, London. With the current Covid pandemic, clients have preferred a remote consultation approach and this is also available.