Life saving packages

Empowerment Coaching
£ 120

Confidence is a factor for many people- it can affect their work,  relationships with their partner, loved ones and friends, even stop them from getting on with their lives. By discussing your issues with Dr. Hana Patel, you can find specific goals that will help you move forward in your life today. 

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Health Coaching
£ 100

Would you like to feel more in control of your long term health conditions? As a general practitioner, Dr. Hana Patel is used to managing clients who take regular medications for many different health conditions everyday. However, working with a health coach to find a way to make health conditions part of your daily rouine and your life can improve your well-being, and some studies have shown, improve the conditions themselves. Book a session with Dr. Hana Patel today to see how Health Coaching can change how you manage your medical conditions. 

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How to tackle your first IVF appointment
£ 150

Fertility coaching session, for clients with their partners if they wish, exploring their goals during their assisted conception journey. A session lasting up to 60 minutes, working with Dr. Hana Patel. 

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